Our new Main Entry and Directory Signage is reflective of the company's commitment to raise transform our parks' landscape to meet international standards.

Re-branded Signage

As leaders in business and industrial space solutions, customers are at the heart of e TecK's brand promise. We have changed our thinking, our focus and our way doing things to deliver service that meets the needs of our customers.

Customer Service in Action

We maintain our common spaces at all our parks through landscaping and maintenance of drainage systems within the park.

Maintenance of Common Spaces

Park revitalization is common practice with the maintenance and repair of factory shells, roads, drains and sewage systems.

Park Upgrades

Our Mission
To make suitable real estate available to qualified tenants developers and operators in a commercially viable manner

Our Services

  • Lease Administration
  • Tenants Relations/Engagement
  • Commercialization of Assets
  • Maintenance of Parks

Send in Your Issues or Concerns
Call our Hotline 224-1970

Tenant's Spotlight

Top Décor Limited located at e TecK’s Diamond Vale Business Park is a major supplier of locally manufactured kitchens and counters in the Caribbean.

Know Your Clause

This month we focus on the Indemnity Clause

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Did You Know

Termination of Leases: A tenancy can be terminated through the followings ways – Forfeiture; Surrender; Effluxion of time; Notice to Quit

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Work In Progress

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