Planned and Ongoing Maintenance Works


Works could be happening at your park! The Facilities Maintenance Unit of e TecK’s Capital Projects Division is now responsible for the Maintenance and Upkeep of the company’s Legacy Parks. Please see below the status of ongoing works at some of the Parks for the month of October, 2017.

October 2017





Quintuple Shell Electrification

Works deferred to this fiscal and is awaiting funding approval.


Driveway Paving

Works completed.


Road Repairs

Works completed.


Box Drain

Works deferred to this fiscal and is awaiting funding approval.


Fence Installation

Works completed.

Click here for Completed Maintenance Works in 2016

Contact the Facilities Maintenance Department at 1-868-224-1989 for further information on the Maintenance Projects at e TecK’s Legacy Parks.

The Facilities Maintenance Department

OFFICER : Mr. Junior Patrick

PARKS & MPU: Abbatoir, Beetham , East Dry River, Sea Lots, Diamond Vale, Duncan Street, Rocky Point


OFFICER : Mr. Rishi Ramesar

PARKS & MPU: Morvant, Biljah, Chase Village, Trincity, Macoya, Besson Street, O’Meara


OFFICER : Mr. Pravesh Maharaj

PARKS & MPU: Harmony Hall. Plaisance, Debe, Point Fortin. Point Lisas, Frederick Settlement


OFFICER : Mr. Anand Sookram

PARKS & MPU: Tamana InTech Park, Flagship Complex, Hilton Hotel, Sangster’s Hill Mall, Milford Road, Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort



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