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Landscaping Clause


“Tenants, do you know that understanding the clauses stated in your lease document is critical to your thriving businesses at the parks? Your lease is an agreement that guides the relationship between you – the tenants; and e TecK- the landlord, therefore operating within these terms and conditions means less stress for both parties. Many times tenants may not be even aware that they are in breach because they have not reviewed their lease documents in detail; intimate knowledge of your lease document is key. Unfortunately, a breach can lead to the forfeiture of your lease but this can be avoided if the correct procedure is followed.”

“Know Your Clause” is a new segment to promote greater awareness and understanding of critical clauses found in tenants’ lease documents. Over the next few months, we will be highlighting clauses such as: – User, Additions, Alterations and Reconstruction, Assignment, Use of the Common Area and many more. We have already focused on the following:

User Clause

Additions, Alterations and Re-construction

Assignment Clause


This month we will be looking at the Landscaping Clause

Q.1. What does the Landscaping Clause look like?

A.1. See Clause below as taken from lease document.

Landscaping Clause

At its own cost and expense to keep such parts of the said Lands as are from time to time underdeveloped and the grass, gardens and any trees, shrubs and hedges in proper and neat order.

Q.2. Why is the Landscaping Clause important?

A.2. The Landscaping clause is important because it ensures that the leased premises are maintained at all times. Where a tenant allows the grass on the premises to be over grown, it can give rise to rodents and insects and this can pose a hazard to other tenants of the industrial park and affects both health and safety.

Q.3. What happens if the law is breached?

A.3. Where this clause is breached the Tenant is given a notice and asked to remedy the breach within a reasonable time to minimize any of the harmful effects raised above.

Q.4. What steps should be taken if the law is breached?

A.4. Where there is a breach of this clause the Tenant is required to ensure that the premises are cleaned, and grass cut as soon as possible. A follow up visit will be conducted by the Property Officer to ensure compliance.

Look out next week for information on the Sanitation Clause.

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