The Real Estate Asset (REA) Division overseers the management of the performance of the company’s real estate assets through administration, development and growth of one of the most extensive industrial property portfolios in Trinidad and Tobago.  The Division ensures that these assets are effectively optimised to provide the best financial returns possible whilst concurrently allow for businesses that operate from these facilities to grow and develop in a sustainable and competitive environment; the current industrial park portfolio includes 17 Industrial Parks accommodating approximately 319 active tenants.

The developments of new Industrial Park facilities are currently being undertaken.  These new real estate assets together with a strategy of acquisition, divestment and lease management are expected to rebalance the existing asset portfolio, improve the company’s financial performance and increase the available national stock of industrial accommodation.


Lease Administration
Mrs. Erica Prentice-Pierre
Manager, Tenants Relations

Asset Management
Dr. Anthony Arjune
Manager, Asset Management

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