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April 30, 2018
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Form a Tenant Association

Tenants such as those of the Frederick Settlement and Plaisance Parks have organised themselves to form Tenant Associations. A group of tenants can collectively share their views by working together for a common goal to improve the parks.

The Presidents of both the Frederick Settlement and Plaisance Park Tenant Associations agree that an obvious benefit of the association is as a group, there is a spirit of collaboration and positive synergies for  both intangible and tangible outcomes as a result of tenants working together as one body. Members of the association have shown to share knowledge and innovations with each other for positive results, in fact, their members have helped each other to either improve the operations of individual businesses or improve the business environment in some form or fashion.

e TecK, as landlord, encourages tenants from its other Business Parks to form similar associations to have a wider representation of tenants sharing their concerns, issues and recommendations to improve the parks.

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