Christmas Safety Tips for Tenants
December 4, 2017
e TecK working to ensure its tenants are HSE compliant according to OSH Act
March 15, 2018

OSHA Compliance at e TecK’s Business Parks

e TecK’s Real Estates Asset Division has been advised by the Occupational Safety & Health Authority (OSHA) that they will be increasing its inspection activities within e TecK’s Business Parks  throughout Trinidad and Tobago. This forms part of OSHA’s mandate to promote safety and health of employees throughout Trinidad and Tobago pursuant to the Occupational Safety and Health Act Chap 88:08. OSHA cited that due to the nature of operations at e TecK’s Business Parks,  which carry significant safety and health risks, all duty holders are reminded of the requirements for:

  1. Establishment of health and safety committees for workplace with more than 25 employees;
  2. System for reporting and recording of accidents under Section 46 and 46A of the OSH Act;
  3. Adequate emergency response capabilities such as the provision of adequate firefighting equipment and instructions as to the use of means of escape in case of fire;
  4. Risk Assessment of workplace under Section 13A of the OSH Act; and
  5. Posting of signed Safety and Health policies at workplace.

OSHA is appealing to all duty holders at e TecK’s Business Parks to prioritize safety and health compliance and to monitor the progress of the implementation of robust policies and procedures by their Health and Safety Departments.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act Chap 88:08 can be sourced online at or from the Government Printery at # 55-57 e TecK Frederick Settlement Business Park.

Further information regarding the compliance under the Act and the operations of OSHA can be found at





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