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November 30, 2017
Tenant’s Spotlight : Top Décor Limited
December 4, 2017

Tenant from Diamond Vale Business Park hosts Children’s Christmas Treat

Every year, Top Décor Limited of e TecK’s Diamond Vale Business Park, hosts a Christmas Treat for the children of the fence-line community of the Park. It all began five (5) years ago when the women from the community contacted Mr. Ishmael Rahamut, General Manager, Top Décor Limited with the idea, Mr. Rahamut decided that it would be a nice gesture to give back to the surrounding community of the park. Since then, his fellow tenant VEMCO has been supporting the initiative and he would like other tenants to join in.

 Mr. Rahamut who resides in Diego Martin is very proud of his birthplace, he explains, “It brings great personal satisfaction and joy to see the children’s beaming faces when they receive their treat. There are families and children who really appreciate our small token of love and appreciation to them. I like seeing the kids have fun and the people get together from the area. I love my community.” This year the children’s treats will be held on the December 17th, 2017. Mr. Rahamut says, “We are working towards another successful event, the front of the factory is the venue, the DJ , soft drinks and cash for food is already sought.”

e TecK takes this opportunity to salute Top Décor Limited for this initiative and for being a good corporate citizen.



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