Commencement of Valuation Exercise
October 23, 2017
Fire Safety Assessment for Tenants who occupy e TecK’s Factory Shells
November 30, 2017

NOTICE TO TENANTS: Fraudulent Emails


It has come to our attention that unauthorised parties have been attempting to fraudulently solicit funds from our tenants. A sample of the purported correspondence FRAUDULENT DOCUMENT . In order to prevent any risk to our tenants, we hereby notify you of the following:

  • e TecK does not have a ‘sister company’ outside of Trinidad and Tobago and as such correspondence would NOT be sent to remit funds outside of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • e TecK’s email responses will always carry the domain ‘’ and NOT ‘’. Your vigilance in reviewing the email addresses correspondences are received from would be greatly appreciated.

As a result of the above, we take this opportunity to remind you that at present, e TecK does not utilise the use of wire transfers for tenants to pay their rental obligations. The current methods of remitting payment are cheque and cash.  In the event that we do offer wire transfer payment options, you will be duly notified beforehand.

We look forward to maintaining our mutually beneficial business relationship and urge you to contact us immediately in the event of any suspicious correspondence being received from e TecK.

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