June 12, 2017
Customer Service in Action : Meet Maintenance Officer, Rishi Ramesar
June 13, 2017

Kamau Haynes, Manager Maintenance speaks on Customer Service

As leaders in business and industrial space solutions, customers are at the heart of e TecK’s brand promise. We have changed our thinking, our focus and our way doing things to deliver service that meets the needs of our customers. Our most valuable customers are the some 300 business owners operating successfully within our 17 Industrial Parks throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

Who are the main Change Agents delivering exceptional services to our tenants?They are no other than e TecK’s Property Officers and Maintenance Officers. Our Property Officers work on the front-line with our tenants to understand their business needs, respond to their challenges in a timely manner and foster continuous dialogue to meet their evolving needs. The Maintenance Officers are responsible for actually carrying out the maintenance work that is required at each park, be it – roof repair, electrical, plumbing or HVAC works at the company’s factory shells or maintenance of roads, drains and green spaces of the parks . Each Officer brings his/her unique qualities to the portfolio.

Kamau Haynes, Manager Maintenance speaks on Customer Service

Q.1. What is your take on customer service?

A.1.  Customer service is the care, attention and delivery given to a stakeholder before, during and after a transaction between two or more parties.

Q.2. What is your most rewarding part of the job?

A.2. Imparting knowledge on others, and assisting in whatever way I can.

Q.3. How have you managed to improve your level of customer service delivery?

A.3. By being more sensitive and attentive to Stakeholders’ needs.

Q.4. How do you encourage your staff to provide excellent customer service?

A.4. Be encouraging empathy and understanding to the frustrations that can build through poor customer service.

Q.5. What would you say poses the most challenge to you in delivering exceptional customer service?

A.5. The biggest challenge is explaining not every customer’s need can be addressed, and that we are often not the arbiter who decides what is prioritised. To overcome this, communication is critical as to help develop a better understanding of the process involved

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  • Neil Willis – Property Officer for East Dry River, Beetham, Sea Lots, Morvant and Diamond Vale
  • Priya Goolcharan – Property Officer, Frederick Settlement, Debe and Pt. Fortin
  • Camille Richards – Property Officer,  – Biljah, Chase Village, Pt. Lisas, Plaisance and Harmony Hall
  • Celeste Tobias-Ryan-Turpin – Property Officer – O’meara, Macoya and Trincity

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