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January 1, 2017
June 11, 2017


Interview with Mr. Partap Singh, President of the Plaisance Park Tenants’ Association Tenants’ Associations are internationally known for having a shared vision and vested interest among its membership to make their community a better place to work and live. One would see how it makes sense for e TecK’s 300+ tenants at the company’s 17 legacy parks to form a tenant association at either the local level such as the Plaisance Park Tenants Association or at the national level namely the Industrial Estates Tenants Association (IETA).

In this article, we would be looking at the Plaisance Park Tenants’ Association which was formed 35 years ago, in 1980, to be exact. Mr. Partap Singh,the President of the Plaisance Park Tenants’ Association speaks about how the association continues to be the genesis of a great idea.

“Plaisance Park was established in 1962, to date, we have eleven (11) tenants on the park. The idea to form a tenants’ association in the early days was that of a few tenants,who came together to look after their interests, they recognized that a greater representation of tenants was needed and so the association was born.Today, that objective still stands,” explains Mr. Singh. He went to disclose, “and how do we look after the tenants’ interests? – one way is by fostering or building a good working relationship with our landlord, e TecK – which wasn’t always easy at times.” Mr. Singh added, “another way the association looks after the interest of its tenants is by encouraging a strong business network with a supporting and collaborative environment. This is a plus for the tenants because a lot more can be accomplished in an environment of cooperation and care – we look out for each other.

”It is obvious that the association is a group where there is a spirit of collaboration, and positive synergies since there have been both intangible and tangible outcomes as a result of the association. “We can share knowledge and innovations with each other for a positive result – I would want to say that the association has helped each one of us to improve either the operations of our individual businesses or improve the business environment in some form or fashion. For example we have seen the association succeed in its efforts such as the improvement of the water supply and to include street lighting at park to improve security,” says Mr. Singh.

“We see a bright and successful future ahead for the association, where we are paving a way for generations to come. We hope to keep adding value to our membership and strive for a better working relationship with each other,” ends Mr. Singh.

The Directors of the Plaisance Park Tenants Association are:

  • Mr. Partap Singh
  • Mr. Phillip Archie
  • Mr. Bunny Khan
  • Mr. Robert Deverteuil

Tenants of Plaisance Park:

  • Camquip ICS
  • Central Concrete Products Ltd.
  • Construction Plant Hire Ltd
  • Super Pave
  • Khan’s Aluminium Ltd.
  • Massy Energy Fabric Maintenance Ltd
  • Micro Milling
  • Scaffolding Manufactures Trinidad Ltd.
  • Survival System
  • Trinidad Contractors Ltd.
  • Williams Foundry Ltd.

For further information on the Plaisance Park Tenants’ Association please contact :

Mr. Partap Singh
President of the Plaisance Park Tenants’
Association Plaisance Park,
Pointe a Pierre Tel: 1- 868-659-2457

Stay tune to the next issue of eBits when we focus on the Industrial Estates Tenants’ Association (IETA)

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