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December 1, 2017
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Tenant’s Spotlight : Top Décor Limited

Six (6) Questions with Mr. Ishmael Rahamut, Managing Director, Top Décor Limited  located at Diamond Vale Business Park.

Q.1.Can you provide a brief history of Top Decor Limited?

A.1. Top Decor Limited started in 2001 to become the major supplier of locally manufactured  kitchens and counters in the Caribbean with all warranties from 5-10 years and bring all new styles and products to the customer.

 Q.2. What services/products do you offer?  What is your company’s specialty?

A.2. We provide a one- stop shop from fully computerize design -manufacture and install all local with same imported look.

 Q.3. What have been some of your past/present challenges in the business? How have you overcome?

A.3. Rent cost, since the economy has its ups and downs that is why we took the steps to be fully computerize so we can produce much faster than all our competitors with a high quality.

 Q.4. What do you enjoy most about the business?

A.4. To see happy customers when we complete their jobs.

Q. 5. How do you develop your craft?

A.5. In my travels to the USA, I have become a master craftsman in many products we fabricate and is certified with them.

Q.6. Have you adopted any new technology/innovations to make your business more efficient?

A.6. Yes we now offer new 3d panels and concrete counters. All products we carry have warranties and is 100% recyclable.

Contact :

 Top Décor Limited

20 A Diamond Vale Business Park

Tel. no. – 632-2271

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